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Re: Re: Live Looping versus using Pre-Recorded Loops

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, chaz worm wrote:

"I will be uploading more looping-type performances soon. I feel very ham-fisted around you guys too but it's really hard to compare what I'm trying to do to most loopers setups."

Hey Chaz, This is a really wonderful and generally very accepting and supportive community. Hell, we have newbie sets at the loopfestival in October all the time, purposefully to encourage people to get their act together and put it out in front
of a supportive environment.

I say post away and don't be shy.........for one thing, it's the surest way to get your act together and to move into more
sophistication with your live looping approach.

When we did the first live looping monthly gig 16 years ago at Mobo Sushi in Santa Cruz we actually got paid to work out this shit in public. I was so grateful that one person really took an interest and let us work things out at their restaurant.

"I shy away from too much instrument looping too because the way a banjo is 
setup you are a bit hamstrung melodically from the get-go. (it's that short demon 

I'm not a banjo player but I've spent dozens of hours in the past year playing one.

Frustrated by that demon top string (I was trying to violin bow and dulcimer hammer the bass strings and couldn't get to all the notes I wanted to fret) I took it off the fretboard (and even took out the 5th peg so that I could create a Tenor Banjo out of typical 5 string. I then experimented with about 15 different altered tunings
just for fun and to learn more about harmony, finger picking, et. al.

It's so cool to turn the instrument back into the instrument it came from in Africa originally, including some of those
wonderful Moroccan and Malian scales.

So I thought I'd put that out there.

And coming full circle, I just traded a guitar synth for a tiny travel banjo with that dreaded 'demon' string and am trying to
learn more about playing it traditionally.