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Re: Another New Video

tEd ® KiLLiAn schrieb:

I don't even know what IDM means (though I think I can guess).
"IDM" is short for "intelligent dance music", and is not so much a genre, as a set of properties that music of different (electronic) dance genres can have - most of the time, it refers to the property that it's not a stupid techno or house beat going on for minutes. Important artists in IDM include (in no specific order) Autechre, Aphex Twin/Richard D. James, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher/Tom Jenkinsons, The Sabres of Paradise etc.

The basic underlying "beat" tracks were an outtake of the collaboration I did with Krispen 
Hartung last year "Dance Music for Inanimate Objects" 
Fun stuff - just had a quick listen now. Even though he has been specializing on much different things, Krispen still sounds best when he's playing typical post-bebop/fusion electric guitar parts ;). Speaking of which, here's another IDM track featuring Krispen: http://moinlabs.bandcamp.com/track/aspirin-age - it turns "IDM" about 5 minutes into the track.
It started out as a segment about 2-3 times as long snipped from a three 
and a half hour recording session.

Does that make sense?
Frankly, I was more interested in how you did the video here* ;). Did I miss the explanation in your mail, or did you decide not to "dance about architecture" in that case?


*: it's mostly because I myself have a proven track record, as they say, of having snippets from some projects lying around for years, only to be recontextualized later...

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