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Re: What do YOU do when creativity dries up?

Excellent idea. I was actually setting myself up to do just that. I'm setting up my keyboard controller now to fire whatever I can conjure up in Sonar X1.
We already have a "Wandering Madman", so I'll be shooting for the "Blundering Madman" position.
I'm definitely going to switch my composing to other instruments, and just work on some technical stuff on guitar. I have a lick-ass, totally off the rails version of "Mystery Train" that I've been working on for 2 years now. Lol, I'm glad I just caught that typo but I'll leave it in for your reading displeasure.
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I play an instrument other than my primary, which is guitar. I have a bass, baritone, keyboard, assorted percussion instruments, and harmonicas. Something usually sparks something.