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Re: Looper's Delight Compilation IV...

I echo your toughts !
Just got my CDs today: the artwork is great and it sounds very PRO !
The first track, by Rick Walker, sounds like a perfect opening, the overral sound is great..I can wait to going deep into each song on this evening.

Unfortunately there's not webiste where to buy it, at least at the moment.
Hope it will be...in the meanwhile...if you are in Santa Cruz...follow Dust Bunnies suggestion !


2011/10/14 Dust Bunnies <mech@m3ch.net>
Since there's a Thursday gap before the full LY2k+1 festivities begin...

I thought I'd mention here publicly how well the latest Looper's Delight Compilation (the fourth) came out.  I received my copies on this side of the world a few days ago, and frankly, I'm shocked: shocked at how good it is.  This community continues to amaze and delight on so many levels.

The tracks themselves are a diverse yet coherent collection.  It's surprising to think that 13 looping artists from all over the world could show so many divergent backgrounds, yet produce a compilation that flows nearly seamlessly from one musical vision to the next.  Together, they compile a box of pretty matches, each a different color.  One match may be more indigo or another may be quite too red, yet together they all burn in a single coherent flame.

And the production on each track is superb.  Despite the fact that most (all?) were certainly recorded in home or project studios, you'd be hard-pressed to hear any deficiency in the production standards.

Overall, the quality is top-notch.  I know many felt that we should eschew a physical article for download-only, but organizer David Kirkdorffer stuck to his guns and produced a truly high quality release -- from the selection & arrangement, through the mastering & production process, to packaging & final release.  I look at it in my hand, and know that it feels and sounds every bit like a professional release from an established label.

David did a great job of the curation.  And Ted Killian deserves an extra-special nod for the amazing and beautiful cover design that he was able to bring to the project.  I think they both deserve a special thank you for all their hard work.

I know that there should be quite a few copies available at the merchandise table at Loopfest.  I'd recommend any who gets a chance to grab a copy and give it a listen for themselves.  You won't regret it, IMNSHO.