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Re: 1st Night of the Y2KX+1 LoopFest

Thax for reporting Rick wish i was there,but this year i think im
broke like never before
wish you all a great festival!

On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 6:46 PM, Jeremy devros <deafrose58@hotmail.com> 
> You're killing me, Rick! I wish I was there! Actually, I wish I was
> anywhere but at work right now...
> J.D.
>> Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2011 04:41:54 -0700
>> From: looppool@cruzio.com
>> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>> Subject: 1st Night of the Y2KX+1 LoopFest
>> We had a really nice first night of the festival tonight.
>> It was the best attended show we've ever had in San Jose at the Anno
>> Domini
>> Gallery (thanks to a superlative publicity campaign by Steve Uccello).
>> Bill and I started things off and had a really nice set together.
>> Nat Grant said it was really wonderful because we played so 
>> effortlessly.
>> Per Boysen came next with his new beautiful, small red Stick.
>> It's the first time I've seen him perform with it and it was a really
>> beautiful
>> and very musical performance.
>> Next up, newcomer, Patty Stucki (playing under the moniker Eela Soley)
>> did a very beautiful set with voice, alto saxophone, silver flute and
>> bamboo
>> flute. She has a very nice combination of darkness with some strong
>> 3rd world (especially middle=eastern) influences melodically. I really
>> enjoyed
>> it.
>> Next Hideki Nakanishi (aka Mandoman) played what was, for me , the most
>> compelling
>> set I've seen him play in his numerous festival appearances. He really
>> mixed it up,
>> playing very rhythmic pieces with ambient pieces and also included some
>> really nice
>> Daxaphone playing as well to take it into an abstract direction.
>> Georgina Brett came next. I really like the direction she is taking,
>> mixing long layered
>> loops of vocal, completely eschewing anything I've heard people do in
>> the A Capella
>> looping world. She's doing fascinating work by singing lines with out
>> any consonants
>> in them and going back in and overdubbing the consonants. It's a really
>> unique approach
>> that fascinates me. Her set, unfortunately, was plagued with feedback
>> though and the sound from the P.A.
>> was continually frustrating to her so she ended early. I felt bad
>> that she had a hard
>> set and promised her that we will set things straight, sonically , when
>> she plays the
>> main festival on Sunday. She is really as talented as all the buzz
>> about her, as well
>> as being a really sweet human being (who treated us to an amazing home
>> made vegetarian
>> soup when we got back from the venue) and I look forward
>> to hearing her have a happier set on Sunday night at 10:00.
>> Nat Grant finished off the evening with a very interesting and evolving
>> set mixing all kinds of interesting
>> percussive textures. Her set was easily the most avant garde of the
>> evening and I, personally,
>> loved it. The synchronicity between what she was doing and the
>> beautiful Loopy Cam work
>> of Maha Taitano really created a great atmosphere. Tim Thompson,
>> Loopy Cam's inventor
>> has graciously taught Maha and I how to use the Loopy Cam and also lent
>> us the high powered
>> computers to project it at the festival. Tim will be doing his own set
>> with his new amazing visual
>> and audio invention, the Space Palette, at 6:00 on Saturday.
>> I walked on stage and played some non-looped Sonica (which is a 60's
>> invention that combines
>> a diatonic touch strip with organ like sounds) to accompany Nat's final
>> minutes of her set.
>> I just love how this artist thinks so it's always a thrill to play with
>> her.
>> At the headliners concert with Andrea Centazzo (Italy) and Matt
>> Davignon, Nat and I will combine the
>> end of her set with the beginning of mine with a couple of 
>> improvisations.
>> I'm really looking forward to that (right after Santa Cruz Vice Mayor,
>> Don Lane, presents the
>> "International Live Looping Day" proclamation to the headlining artists.
>> For the first time in many years (due to a miscommunication on my part
>> with the Luggage Store)
>> we actually have a day off tomorrow and then the main festival begins on
>> Friday evening.
>> It's a strong lineup this year and we'll even have a world technology
>> premiere to end Friday evening's
>> concert by the Sennheiser Research Lab of Palo Alto of a Wireless
>> Midi/Microphone Controller used with a portable live looping rig.
>> We came close to showing the LP-2 Mini Looper and Bob Amstadt is
>> actually going to miss the festival (after having
>> provided sound for us tonight) because he's home all weekend assembling
>> LP-2 to begin mailing out.
>> I can't wait to get mine.
>> Okay................the whole house is full of snoring loopers and it's
>> probably time for me to hit the hay!
>> Rick Walker