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Re: Best looper for recording?

Mike Fugazzi wrote:

I try to rehearse and record demos at home..TRYING. I just take a lineout from my M13 at this point straight to my interface, but I thought maybe some of these newer ones were "meant" to do that. Really, the M13 output is meant to go to a guitar.

M13 to audio interface *should* work fine.
(low impedance o/p)

If not, then get a better interface, doesn't need to have a specialised
instrument input either.

Boris Plotnikov wrote:
Mike! Why do you need looper for home recording? You can just record
sample to DAW and loop it. It'll be faster and easier.

...but faster and easier is for accountants

IMHO whole
greatnes of livelooping is that it's actually live.


For home you can
make much better arrangement than using loops (using different chord
progressions, drums, VSTi etc.).

won't have the energy and life of a live looping performance...
....or at least not without time and effort in an equivalent amount.

andy butler
it's great to see the harmonica challenge the predominance of the guitar