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Re: GR-55 GK cable missing in product delivery - normal?

Per Boysen wrote:

I just passed by a place to pick up my Roland GR-55 but unfortunately
the GK cable was missing (the 13 pin cable to plug into the mic on the
instrument). One person I was talking to here says he did not get a GK
cable either with his GR-55. I thought it would come with the GR-55
packaged because the PDF manual says so.


Almost every piece of VG/GR-based gear I've gotten has included at least one 13-pin cable (even second hand ones; usually someone selling their gear used even throws one in for free). Every new piece has had one thrown in.

I'd contact the local Roland rep about this immediately.

I've heard a few reports of this elsewhere. Every once in a blue moon, it's simply a QC oversight. In many cases, however, it's due to an unscrupulous retailer or distributor who is separating the cable from the gear, then resealing the box. They then sell the cable for an extra $50 or so off the top -- pure profit.

If there are other reports of this sort of thing occurring, I'd definitely run it up to the Roland rep. There's a very good chance that somebody in the supply chain is skimming.

If Roland says you should get a free 13-pin cable, contact Roland and get it. Even if you have to get a new cable yourself in the meantime, get the replacement so that you have a backup.