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Re: GEAR alert: new Boss looper RC300 loopstation ...

So my past musings that BOSS doesnt believe in these "bigger" loopers anymore (discontinued RC-50)
is now proven SO wrong :-D

-Petri Lahtinen-

2011/9/16 Mike Fugazzi <mikefugazzi@gmail.com>

It would help cover up mistakes live?

I would get a used RC50, but had heard there is a glitch for live use where there is a pause in the initial recording.  I need something meant for live use.

Honestly, most the bells and whistels on the 300 are overkill for me.

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On Sep 15, 2011 4:03 PM, "andy butler" <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
> Mike Fugazzi wrote:
>> I am hoping to pick up a Boomerang III before November, but I could
>> probably benefit from the quantize on the Boss pedals, and the RC300
>> looks worth waiting to check out.
> Why do you think quantise will help?
> On first glance, the RC-300 looks like a downgrade of the RC-50,
> the switches look like they do less per switch in order to
> make it easier to use.
> There's no Undo/Redo switch, although that feature is mentioned.
> Thought I saw mention of reverse somewhere too.
> The demo has all three loops the same length.
> http://www.roland.com/video/page.cfm?id=1152096624001
> Wonder if they fixed the RC-50 'gap' for this one.
> andy

Petri Lahtinen