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Re: GEAR alert: new Boss looper RC300 loopstation ...

Again, I only had the RC-3 and a footswitch, but I would want to toggle between the two at different times.  I use a looper for live shows, so even my jams at home are really geared towards live use.  I was a bit naive when picking up the pedal as the Line6 M13 had all the functions I needed at the time.

Ultimately, what I learned is it was easier to accidently go right from recording to overdub on the M13 than the Boss.  With the M13, I could just hit undo.  I know you can configure the Boss out that way, but it wasn't the best tool for the job.

My friend, Brandon Bailey, uses the RC-30 and really enjoys it...I think he had a Headrush before.  That would probably work for me, but I've heard several poor reviews of the pedal for a multitude of reasons.  He has a lot of live stuff on YouTube, and an album out, but here is a clip with the RC-30 specifically -http://youtu.be/vJTHZYYkQjE.

He is way better with this format than I am.  I am trying to do the one mand harmonica band thing, but I can't beatbox and harpbox as well as he does.  With a looper, I need something that gives me flexibility in separating "bass", "drums", and harmonica as possible...I do all the instruments through the same mic and use a separate mic for singing. 

I am hoping to pick up a Boomerang III before November, but I could probably benefit from the quantize on the Boss pedals, and the RC300 looks worth waiting to check out.  I don't need all the recording and effect features, though.

Mike Fugazzi
Quicksilver Custom Harmonicas

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:26 PM, Matthias Grob <matilists@gmail.com> wrote:
wow, thats a smart move, isnt it?

On 15 Sep 2011, at 11:59, Paul Richards wrote:

> Hi:
> The factory default on the RC30 goes Record->Overdub->Play and it is reconfigurable to (apparently) work like the replaced unit (RC20 XL ?) to Record->Play-> Overdub.
> Paul