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Re: ableton live users - nice little trick (VOCODERS)

I still have my original Roland VP-330 (Vocoder Plus) analog vocoder and in excellent condition. (recently had it overhauled. like new again. sweet!)  It may be a limited "dinosaur", 
but I wouldn't even dream of getting rid of it, ever.  Beautiful vintage analogue instrument that still works / sounds great and "warm".  Plus, I still love keyboards a lot. I have barely ever used it for vocals and have mainly run other instruments thru it. (drum machines, sequenced synths, whatever). 

Also, the wonderfully cheezy "human voice" and "strings" sections are fab and can often mix / blend well with what is being fed thru the vocoder, and the  "human voice" and "strings" sections have their own mix level controls, along with the separate input level / output mix levels controls for the vocoder function. And it also has an Ensemble ("chorus") effect and a (LFO) Vibrato with depth, delay, and rate control. 49 keys. WOOD body! ("organic"!) It doesn't get too much more "analogue" than that! :-)

Still no Ableton......yet.  But, that now appears to be on my not so distant horizon. Eventually. ($ is the main hang up / delay. Sound "familiar"?)
It'll be a welcome addition to 'La Familia Aethyr World".   "The best of all possible worlds". -Voltaire :-)


Rev. Fever

PS- And yes, "How To Wreck A Nice Beach" is a WONDERFUL book!  I pretty much read it cover to cover.  Definitely REVcommended! :-)  
I've also heard that there might(?) be an "expanded" paperback version coming out in November? (or....?) But, no confirmation of that. Yet.

On Sep 15, 2011, at 2:35 AM, Ed Durbrow wrote:

All this talk of vocoding made me check my front room and waddaya know, a Roland SVC-350. I gotta get rid of all this dinosaur gear that is just taking up space.

On Sep 15, 2011, at 3:03 PM, mark francombe wrote:

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On 15 Sep 2011, at 07:10, Rick Walker <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote

I"m currently reading the fascinating history of Vocoding (invented to
for encryption purposes for World War 2 ---- every American president has
had a vocoder in the Oval Office).

are you reading "how to wreck a nice beach" ?

I have also been a big fan if vocoders for years and used to own the
amazing. VC01.

i almost never use ut In voice however, but In reverse , getting
melodic content out if non melodic sounds.

if i remember correctly My mulch patch at Y2KX largely made use of My
guitar sounds that were a soft vocoded guitar part, together with a
(never actually heard) rytym /noise part, a click becomes a Boom, and
a titkki tacka becomes a Kazzzzowarrr Brakkkaka!!!

(please excuse the technical jargon)