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Boomerang III for harmonica

I don't think anyone gets kicked off this list-
I had an RC-20, I liked it a lot for what it was, but don't think I would
like the RC-50-the footprint is too big, and it doesn't have control of the
decay of the loop, something that gets referred to as "feedback" a lot . . 
not the same feedback that harmonica players are eager to avoid.
I currently am using a Boomerang III and like it, the latest version of the
software has footpedal control of the feedback--and the footprint is a good
It would be good for your purposes, as it has up to four separate but
synchronized loops, so you could create a two measure percussion loop and
then immediately record on top of that, without printing to that 
are discrete loops.
Mike Stevens was using the Echoplex Digital Pro, and at one time owned a
Looperlative, the LP-1--dunno if he is still looping. I like the Echoplex,
but it's rack mounted, so it needs a separate controller.
I was looping harp at my gig last night, Fireball into a 'Rang . . .