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Re: we love internet (was: Midi out from edp.)

hehe, I love your emotions, Rick!
and I like to be a little dry to tease:

On 5 Sep 2011, at 19:42, Rick Walker wrote:
> On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, mark francombe wrote:
>> And finally, I just f***ing love the internet, this thread proves it. 
> I love it too.  

me too

>   This whole amazing group of innovative musicians would never have 
> existed without the Internet and Kim's decision to start this list.

somebody else would have started it!
maybe through some other channel that would have come to exist, but did 
not because of the internet :-)
> I frequently say a prayer of gratitude that you all exist!    You are my 
> family away from home.

yes... what a dear family!
> love, Rick