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Re: Which Looper? Boomerang III or RC-50

LOL Clayton,
so the looping community is split in Roland users and the others?
well, almost every religion gets a schism after a while...
(looking it up, I just realized that the original word schisma is not used 
for religion but for pitch: "the difference between 8 justly tuned perfect 
fifths plus a justly tuned major third and 5 octaves;"

anyway, sorry, Mike
your criteria are important but we can think of a more important here:

do you want to recreate "normal" musical with less musicians
do you want to experience new music, inspirations in a different state of 
mind that happens through a growing seduction to go deeper and deeper into 
the loop and away from what you *thought* you wanted to do?

did I get that right?

On 12 Sep 2011, at 13:16, Clayton Gary Lehmann wrote:

> Does anyone here like the RC-50?
> And BTW, where's my LP-2?
> Respectfully and sincerely,
> Gnarly