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Just ordered my Boomerang Sidecar

I just got off the phone with Mike Nelson and he's sending me out a nice new Sidecar on Monday.

He's truly a great guy to do business with. I spoke with him for about a half hour, talking about his products and the state of the live music scene here in NY and down there in TX. The thing that strikes me is that he doesn't try to rush you off the phone. He connects in a very genuine way and that's very refreshing in this day and age. Living in NY, it's rare that I get to slow down and connect.

I can't wait to get my delivery. Finally I'll have all the functionality of the Boomerang at my disposal without having to bend over during a gig to change functions. Hate the bending.

The nice thing about ordering from Mike is that you know you're going to get a quality, tough, and well-engineered product. Experience has proven that.

If anyone is considering a Boomerang, I give it my highest praise, especially now that the sidecar is here. The unit is tough, VERY forgiving with input levels, has great flat and quiet short-throw footswitches, and three modes of operation (Serial, free sync, and free). The sound is pristine.

Well, I guess I'm just saying things that have all been said before, but it is very rare indeed that I will publically sing the praises of a product because there are always flaws that annoy me. Not so with the 'Rang. I guess I'm just a bit excited about the impending arrival of my new Sidecar.