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Re: New Moog Lap Steel

Andy wrote
Interestingly, playback on studio monitors with no visuals
gave me a real impression of being there in the room with you.

well for you to really get the impression of being in the room with me  there might need to be some kind of scratch and sniff element to really paint the whole picture:-)
I forgot to mention that I was post processing my quantized loops through a TC Fireworx  that was doing a combo of stereo delays, stereo delayed octave pitch shifting and very slow stereo panning all synced to the LP-1  so you were definitely hearing movement in the imaging. also I find it interesting that they suggest setting up the mics favoring one side of whatever source you are recording over the other, rather than trying to place the Q-3 exactly centered between them. perhaps as Daniel T suggested there is some digital trickery going on that compensates the two sides of the stereo image. BTW Daniel I really appreciate all the feedback about toilet tissue and spraying techniques Thanks:-)