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Re: New Mac Mini with i5/7

Todd Matthews wrote:
Th mac mini 'server version' even has the quad core i7 and two hard 
drives. Could be an incredible recording machine.

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 4:19 PM, van Sinn <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk> 

So, Apple just released not only an updated lappie, but also, finally, 
much rumour, an updated Mini.
Comes with core i5 or i7, up to 8GB ram, 500GB drive or 256GB SSD, Radeon
6630 graphics, and the usual I/O, like FW800.

A friend of mine, whom among other things builds media centers, says i5/i7
in real life never goes past 45watts no matter what work he puts them, 
graphics/video rendering, so this should be nice for a home/project studio.

I'm seriously concidering selling off two lappies and shop the Mini with 
SSD and at least 4GB ram.  I'd likely house my audio on an external FW
Sharing the drive and a Fireface400 on the FW800 may be an issue to

van Sinn

Todd Matthews
twitter: gtodd876

Yup, the server version would be cool, except that you might not be able to install the Lion desktop version on it with full support for everything. When I checked half a year ago, it was reported that not all drivers for things like network and cardreader were present for at least some of the older Mini server versions. IIRC, these could be post-installed, but functional networking might be nice having out of the box ;)

Another issue with the server could be that Apple's shopping wizard likely will not allow putting it together with a quad i7, 8GB ram, one SSD and one harddrive - and of course a desktop Lion.

Daniel Thomas wrote:
> Its an amazing machine, the new Mini.  But, I personally could never 
> a primary audio box that does not support cards.   I need my UAD cards 
at a
> minimum.

I understand you on this. Maybe you could arrange an external card thingy, hooked to an unused PCIe slot, like in the following example:

While I do have an RME Fireface400, I might prefer using my Multiface for having lower latencies, and also due to having an RME Quad Mic interface.
For this I'd clearly need an interfacing slot of sorts.
However, I've seen someone removing the bluetooth interface (IIRC), and add something else to this PCIe slot, so it isn't totally unlikely a Cardbus interface could be added, allowing the Multiface via an RME cardbus interface. This would of course require either having the actual cardbus slot externally, or cut an opening somewhere on the Mini - a daring mod on a brand new Mini ;)
Just might be possible routing a flatcable out to an external slot; dunno..

van Sinn