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Re: Original Boss RC-20

In NAMM that was in January. RC-30 AND RC-3 were announced, I bought RC-30 right away.

Would be really weird if they'd announce more products in Summer NAMM.

My guess is that the bigger, more feature-laden loopers just dont
sell the quantities that keep a product line alive at BOSS.

2011/7/12 john floridis <john@johnfloridis.com>
I hope that the RC 30 is not the "solution" from Boss for more than one loop.  Though they are two "phrases" in some ways, whatever the length is of the first recorded loop, the second can be no longer....unless I totally missed something when I tried one.

One thought.....isn't the summer NAMM show in a couple of weeks?  Is it possible that they might have something coming out then?  Just seem ironic that they discontinue the RC 50 right before hand.


Petri Lahtinen