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PITTSBURGH mini fest update

so far, jim goodin and jeff duke have shown an interest in the SEPT 2-3 fest here in the burg.....

FRIDAY nite sept 2 will be a show at the INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S ART GALLERY, 7-?, there is a 

first friday art crawl this evening so there will be lots of folks stopping in.....saturday the third will be

an outdoor show on GRANDVIEW AVE overlooking the city, 11-4, this is in conjuncture with an art market

that will be held on the ajoining street.....as i had mentioned, the stage area is directly across the street

from the incline that brings all the visitors to the mount and at this time of year, there are many of them.....

i think it might be a holiday of some sort.....i have your basic PA system, mackie 1202 mixer, 2 srm 450's

with stands and a bunch-o-boxes.....everyone is welcome to stay at HOUSE KLOBY, bed, couch, floor,

pool, coffee, donutz.....if you want to make a holiday out of it, wonderful, no rush on my behalf.....

if anyone else is interested in playing, please let me know soonest so i can get some adverts taken

care of.....i will need short bios from everyone for the ads etc.....any questions, ask away, off list......

there ya go!.....i'm getting excited.....DONUTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!