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Violet agreed re no attach rule. I have however only been receiving
the FB group posts.  I have not contributed to it, I do think its a
good thing but would not like to see the list mail go away.  Thx jim

On 7/6/11, Violet Xoxox <violet@loopers-delight.com> wrote:
> Ted wrote:
>>But sometimes I have wish for a little loosening of the "no file
>>attachments" rule.
> Well, there's a VERY good reason for not allowing attachments, and we 
> found
> out the hard way many years ago: viruses.
> All it takes is for one list member to be infected by a virus (or worm or
> trojan), and then once that person's computer is infected, the virus has
> access to their address book and starts sending itself (as an attachment)
> to everyone in it.  And when the virus sends itself to Looper's Delight,
> everyone on the list [with a PC] who opens it gets infected.  And people
> *do* open it because they think, "Oh, hey, look, my good friend List 
> Member
> X has sent this attachment. I bet it's a really cool looping thing!"  And
> then all of *those* infected computers start sending the virus to the 
> list.
> It's a nightmare!
> Violet
> xoxox

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