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Re: Reviewing Faderfox LV3 mini hand MIDI mixer/controler

Hi Per

yes, I've spent plenty of time analyzing Faderfox LV3 behaviour (would 
have preferred a midi implementation chart...). Overall, I think the LV3 
buttons are great for turning things on/off. But I want to reliably 
trigger Mainstage/Mobius commands without looking at a screen. That's why 
I want a physical controller.

>>The four top row rotary knobs ...
>I use them to just add or subtract
I want to use the encoder to control loop/delay feedback. On the Korg 
NanoKontrol, I look at the physical knob and know the feedback. I turn it 
all the way up, it's 100%, all the way down, it's 0%. How do you do this 
with LV3/Mainstage?

>>transform "send 127" or "toggle 0/127"
>>buttons into "press=127/release=0" buttons?
>Mainstage interprets both type of Faderfox buttons in the same way. 
My impression is that they are interpreted slightly different. When I 
assign "send 127" instead of "press=127/release=0" to Mobius via 
Mainstage, it sometimes skips a button press when I hit it quickly twice 
(i.e. short loop, delay tap).
My workaround (after several hours fiddling):
- Faderfox sends "127" to MidiPipe,
- MidiPipe sends "127" to Mainstage,
- MidiPipe converts "127">"0" (Set command),
- MidiPipe waits 5ms (Delay command),
- MidiPipe sends "0" to Mainstage.
This way, Mainstage/Mobius properly reacts to "send 127" CC command. But 
maybe there is an easier way without MidiPipe?

best regards

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