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Re: New Video - "Cigarettes & Sidewalks" by The Wandering Madman

On Sat, Jul 2, 2011 at 11:40 PM, Daniel Thomas <danielthomas4@mac.com> wrote:
Regardless of all the contradicting comments and suggestions, my goal was accomplished.  Art will always be misinterpreted, thus I try not to relay specific opinions. I have no religion and I have no politic, thus I am not trying to convert anybody. I am simply trying to make people think and feel, as it appears to me that most of the world has gone numb and has grown accustomed to accepting or ignoring the situations that are handed to them. I can only go by my hope that regardless of the viewpoints, if every single person on the planet was vocal and passionate about how they feel, love would prevail and make the world a better place. 

Beautiful!  I love this list.


Quite, me too and well said Fro!

You are always clear and clever in your written word, and I did read your text that accompanied the video, which clearly shows which side of the political fence you lie, so theres no need to say you are non-political, political stance is not something one should be afraid to stand by. My comment was as Per pointed out, a little and hopefully constructive criticism from a fellow humanitarian/looper/film-maker. I do understand that within the culture and position of the US of A, the choice of imagery would stand as you intended it, for to parade the faces of the dead infront of a US audience is to hold up their shame in front of their eyes. My comment was simply pointing out that from a world view point, it can also be seen another way, as US National Pride and posturing. As an English man Garath also noticed this.
You are right that Art will often be misinterpreted, but as Brian stated (completely incorrectly)

"You mean he doesn't have the RIGHT to present a work of art that differs from your guys' perspectives?"

Of course not, but your perspective doesn't differ from mine, we share the same perspective and beliefs, and still I felt your intention was not fully realized.

I´ll say it again, GREAT WORK FRO, keep it up! And I applaud you for adding this exiting and political layer to your looping videos, my own music and video has no such connections or meaning, and are surly the weaker for it.


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe