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Re: DD20 odd behaviour: high-pitched constant whine in specific wiring situations

I haven't tried that, for one simple reason:
Having to use batteries is a showstopper from the view of my equipment logistics, which using unbalanced lines is not.

I have, however, in the meantime tried to connect the DD20 with TRS lines to the CentralStation (balanced ins), and found no noise. On the other hand, the Mackie with other devices works fine as well - the typical "swap devices and see what happens" test failed...


Jeff Duke schrieb:
Rainer, I haven't had that one but have you tried running the DD 20 on battery only yet? I have had that issue with another delay before; battery/no noise, ac/noise so ps could be at fault which would be a good thing...



On Sun, Jul 3, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com <mailto:moinsound@googlemail.com>> wrote:

    Hi everyone,

    I'm finally at my wit's end - so the only possible solution left
    is to ask you:

    My Boss DD20 has for a long time been integrated into a setup
    centered around a Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer (aka "Nerdville
    Setup"). After remodelling that setup recently ("Nerdville 2.0"),
    I considered a constant high-pitched shrieking sound emitting from
    the DD20.

    The sound is also present if there are no inputs connected to the
    DD20, or if all other connections to the mixer are removed. The
    sound remains if I connect the DD20 to different inputs of the
    mixer. Trying different cables doesn't help, either.
    The sound does not appear in the DD20's headphone connection, and
    by using an unbalanced (TS) cable instead of a TRS cable to
    connect the DD20 to the mixer.

    So the short version: workaround defined (using TS cable).
    However, I'd prefer to know what is happening here.

    Any ideas?


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Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/moinlabs