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Mercy for Miyagi

Another one on the new guitar,  this one in a major key. I'm gearing up for a benefit show for Tsunami relief july 5th and I'm trying to promote it what ever way I can. Doing a live radio performance on KPIG radio this Sunday sometime between 10 am and 12 pm. if you want to find out more about the concert  here is the facebook page.

Here is the clip,  for the gear geek minded I was running two separate signal paths,  what i've been doing for a while in the studio at home. The guitar goes to an eb volume pedal and splits the signal,  one side goes to an xotic ep-1 booster, a keeley looper selector that kicks in a hermida audio zen drive, a fulltone choralflange, and a line 6 M-9, and on to a princeton reverb and a vox ac10, for the most part I use two bluestone pro DI load boxes between the amps and the speakers, for  direct speaker emulated outputs into my MOTU 2408, the other side goes to a keeley compressor, an ethos preamp, an Line 6 M-5, and an eventide timefactor, with both outputs feeding a DTAR solstice preamp I take two feeds from the solstice, one feeding directly in to the Motu, and the other feeding a borrowed UA preamp and on the the MOTU. The Looperlative is in the DTAR's effects loop and  run all of its outputs  master outs and AUX 1 to the MOTU and AUX to a TC fireworx if I want to send some tracks for real time post processing. The Fireworx connects to the MOTU via SPDIF. All of the effects processors are clock slaved to the LP-1. running parallel rigs gives a lot of options the best of which is running a clean side and a dirty side at once or a wet side dry side approach, with lots of options at mixing time. In these clips you are hearing the sound of my KRK 8's in the room the the Zoom Q3,
enjoy and thanks for listening if you get a chance.