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Re: Something I just wanted to share with everyone


 Lots of groups suck. U2 for one, I relly love the way the guitar player, 
using echo, turns a fairly simole guitar part into a lovely dense cloud of 
sound. When I was with my first band, (soundtech), they had a MXR 
flanger/doubler that they said was "the ultimate". I knew better, even 
with my total lack of experience. I rigged the band leader's 3 head 
reel-to-reel up as an echo. Then I waited fro him to do his "out in the 
middle of the dance floor" guitar solo. I slowly brought up the eckho on 
his guitar. He started looking perplexed. Pausing, looking down at his 
axe, looking around the room, etc. He didn't know WHAT was going on but 
his guitar sound was getting bigger!. The next week, we went out and 
bought a Roland RE-201. I spent day after day with that machine, playing 
guitar through it, not believing the millions of possibilities opening up 
to my ears. Later, when I could afford synths, it got even better. Yes, 
the Edge in my opinion, truly makes
 some amazing textures with just a guitar and an echo.

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> On Jun 15, 2011, at 9:51 AM, james fowler wrote:
> > U2 sucks.
> Yeah? Why's that? I guess because you say so?
> Did you listen to them in the early '80s? Did you have the
> same opinion?
> Jeff