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Re: Strategies to Cover Onstage Equipment/User Failure

Erdem Helvacioglu wrote:
LIMITER ıs your friend :)

that brings us the question of how people use comporessors and limiters in impro based experimental music. any tricks, ideas?

ok, just my personal take

never used 'em for safety and, partly for that reason,
I never need 'em.

One trick is to put a compressor into a feedback loop,
(which I reckon I've heard Erdem do ;-).

Whatever other processing is in the feedback loop
the sound stays under control without running away
to full blast distortion ever.

It's a bit counter-intuitive tho', it would seem that
a limiter would be the ideal choice for this job,
but a very gentle compression slope works even better.

For generating interesting acoustic feedback tones here's a trick...
replace the mouthpiece of a wind instrument with a microphone
that points into the instrument. Point the instrument at a speaker
connected to the microphone and off you go.
...but don't forget the (low ratio) compressor!
I call this a 'resophone'.