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Re: livelooping article for guitar magazine...

> i would disagree w/ the frisell not being "innovative". his  
> disfarmer disc and his live double disc from a few yrs ago had some  
> great stuff on there. and when i saw him live 2 yrs ago, his little  
> 2 min looping thing had people scratching their heads-it was a great  
> noisefest-

  Let me clarify, I think Bill Frissell is a tremendously innovative  
musician , and having seem him play since the first time I caught  him  
with Tiger's Baku at Pooh's Pub in Boston in 1978 and seen him   
recently as well, his looping moments are always musical and  
brilliant. I'm talking about the extended techniques that the EDP and  
a bit later the Electrix repeater offered, and that  are available in  
one form or another along with a bunch of other cool editing features  
on the Looperlative  and various software platforms . But maybe its  
splitting hairs a bit, but  a guy like David Torn really has employed  
those techniques whereas Frissell has somewhat scratched the surface.  
Someone mentioned Andre Lafosse,  who was very innovative in his self  
described turntablist guitar approach, I found more inspiration  
watching him  in the couple of gigs we shared than  any of the more  
established names mentioned thus far, and that goes  for several  
musicians on this list as well,  guitarists and non guitarists alike.