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Jaco's looping innovation: was livelooping articles for a guitarmagazine

On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, "André Donawa" wrote:
> Here's a clip of Jaco doing his thing.
> An incredible innovator for his time.
> Definitely pushed the boundaries of what bass was supposed to sound like.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvSOquDOfVo
I saw Jaco do this in the early 80's and he was the first person who 
inspired me to loop.
I remembered thinking that, as a drummer/percussionist, there were so 
many things you could
do if you could clone yourself.   At the time, I was blessed to be in a 
band with three and sometimes
four percussionists but this was extremely rare.

I thought I had started live looping in '95 with the Jamman from 
Lexicon, but a fan of our band told me
that he saw me looping at the old pre-earthquake Union Grove store 
looping with my voice and
a kalimba with a pickup and an MXR digital delay that it would be YEARS 
before I could afford
looping music and playing over it. I remember now, spending a couple of 
hours there irritating the owner,
Richard Gellis because I was so into it.......lol......He's now a close 
Once he did it reminded me of the tape looping we did
by disengaging the erase head on old tube Echoplexes and also of a piece 
I did with Tao Electrical
by looping the phrase "It doesn't mean a fucking thing" on a cheap 
digital delay set on infinite repeat and
playing it so fast that it sounded like an interesting percussive sound 
(without any intelligibility, slowing
it down at the very end of the piece until the last repitition was 
intelligible and then stopping.

Wow, I hadn't thought about that performance in years and years till you 
posted that, Andre!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  Long Live Jaco Pastorius!!!!!

rick walker