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Instrumental looping covers for simple loopers

I'm new to loping so I'm looking for recognizable tunes which is easy
to perform using simple loopers (like mine Boss RC-2).

Songs have to be:
1. Recogizable while playing instrumental (e.g. bunch of blues tunes
like Two Train Running are hardly recognizable without lyrics)
2. No longer than 8 bars chord progression (and even better to be
shorter), of course anyone who have RC-50 can make some verse-chorus

I found now perfect tunes to perform
1. Cissy strut (The Meters)
2. Low Rider (The War)
3. Rotcha Scribida (Cesaria Evora)
4. Hit The Road Jack

Also OK
1. Amazing grace (with really simplified chord structure, but anyway too 
2. When The Saints go marching in
3. Riders on The Storm (Doors), a bit longer loop than desired
4. Key to the Highway (OK, but a bit longer than I want)
5. bunch of blues tunes which are usually too longer to loop and rare
have recognizable melodies

OK, but have some bridge parts and you'll have to undo chords and
leave rhythm only (not easy with RC-2) or just to stop looping and
playing bridge alone.
1. Caravan (Ellington)
2. Take Five (Desmond)
3. Miss You (Rolling Stones)

Any more ideas?

Thanks, Boris Plotnikov