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Re: FS: Frostwave, MFOS, Synths, Circuit Bent. effects, etc

Just happens that I am in the process of building a WSG for my  
grand-daughter -- she asked me to paint the box yellow with purple  
lettering.  :)

Quoting legion@helpwantedproductions.com:

> The MFOS Weird Sound Generator is based on the CD40106 (or 74C14) IC.
> This design taps various outputs on it to make the dual VCO/LFO
> inter-modulating madness that makes the WSG go and then adds a very nice
> analog filter and some extras to make it one of the coolest and most
> complete designs I have seen incorporating a 40106.
> D_
>> Howdy, Is the weird sound generator based on a SN74677 or that sound
> chip? (not sure if the number is exactly right. Thanx Rig
>>> Pictures, links to some video, and full info up at:
>>> http://daedsound.com/Salez/FS.htm
>>> 1. DAED made Music From Outer Space Weird Sound Generator
>>> (WSG) - $200
>>> Built by DAEDSound.com into a cool GI Joe metal lunch box
>>> with on/off
>>> volume knob, 1/4" output, and additional sound mods in
>>> addition to all the
>>> original MFOS WSG functionality. This one of a kind unit
>>> runs off a 9vt
>>> battery and is ready to bleeping rock.
>>> Full info and audio samples of the Weird Sound Generator
>>> at:
>      ---------------------------------------
>      NEW DAED SITE!!  -  Http://DaedSound.com
>  DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
> "Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"
>       Music and More at the Mothership:
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