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Re: portable PA for electronic looper

the two audio technicians that I know here have both strongly advised me
against using active speakers (such as the Phonic P5A that Fabio recommends,
or the Rokit speakers that Markus uses) - both expect that the tweeters
would soon break because of the occasional high overtones and the strong
dynamics that is inevitable when playing guitar. What do you think?

Thats Sound advice :- )Though  I use a pair of KRK rocket 8's in my studio and they deliver the goods, I'm just as worried about the vulnerabilty of both the drivers and tweeters to puncture injuries from transport or accidental falls as I am the tweeters blowing from huge transients such as a guitar produces. I've been using more self oscillating delay lately and I've gotta be careful with what is further along the signal path when I do that. A more robust "made for live" speaker would be a safer option I think.