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Re: Leinhos, Peter is out of the office.

Peter Leinhos may be looping us into LD threads using only his
all-powerful out-of-office command...  I wonder what foot controller
he's using to trigger it.

On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 9:13 AM, Dean, Hal <HDean@wcupa.edu> wrote:
> Perhaps a new design for this could be about what horror arises from 
>those when Mr. Leinhos is IN the office. Is he using Mobius and some 
>home-brewed VSTs to dominate the world behind the scenes? Has he used 
>SooperLooper in Ableton Live to put the entire planet... or just LD?... 
> in a chronic hysteresis loop?
> Come to think of it, has anyone looked at the frequency of these 
>messages? Are they part of a VERY long loop? Are there little loops 
>running inside?
> Hal
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> Very much a comforting message. All is OK with the world.
> On 7 Apr 2011, at 21:37, peter.leinhos@farmersinsurance.com wrote:
>> I will be out of the office starting  04/07/2011 and will not return
>> until 04/12/2011.
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