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latency figures

Ok, I may be in a position to purchase a new PC laptop soon and will have to trawl thrugh the myriad tech spec jungle
so... Who's got the lowest latency figures?
Advice on quad core vs dual vs 8 core, amount of ram, 64 bit vs 32 bit etc.
I'll be running Ableton Live  firing loops, processing guitar, interpreting midi commands, synching to another computer and, if there's spare capacity, runing Arkaos VJ software.
I want 1 computer to do all this - it can be done - I used to run vj software with AudioMulch back in the day with aroound 10ms and that was years ago on trusty windoze XP.
I've now migrated to win7.
so what performance are you gettin, (PC only though)

Peace and ever lower latency

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