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Re: GigSpam: ALTAAR tonight Silent Barn Brooklyn

Marc that sounds amazing.  I unfortunately can't make it this eve  but
I have heard of this place and im curious.  Sounds like Sten is long
way from home but bringing some cool stuff to Bklyn.  You're coming
over sometime this spring, no?


On 3/13/11, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:
> If any of you live in Brooklyn? well, can I come and stay...? No.. I
> mean... My very good Norsk friend Sten Ove, is playing tonight at
> Silent Barn. All I can say , is that his band ALTAAR are far from
> silent... Its called SYØY in Norwegian.. look it up!
> I can promise guitars played very loud, and Sten Oves prefered playing
> position is on his knees, head buried deep in effect pedals... its
> Death Jazz... the new thing here in Norway.
> As for if its got anything to do with looping, well no... but he is
> the booker for Blå in Oslo, best Experimental gig here, so if you want
> a gig, its him you must be nice to!
> He is alot of fun, I once saw him play a gig dressed as a tree.
> Heres my interview with him in Furthernoise webzine
> http://www.furthernoise.org/index.php?url=page.php&ID=161&iss=61
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> Mark Francombe
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