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Re: DL4 expression pedal

sell it and get the M9 Michael then you have the problem solved;-)
no but seriously youd be very happy witht the M9 because it has a lot
more to offer than the DL4,you can input all the fx into the loop,tap
tempo them, 2 expression pedal inputs to morph delays and loop,pre and
post fx for the loop,longer looping time and midi sync for all the
time base FXs.They are about  the same size as well.Its also handsome
with all those colored lights and will make you look good and
important in life.
Well im happy and dont miss my DL4 at all;-)

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 2:04 PM, Michael Peters <mp@mpeters.de> wrote:
> I'd like to try an expression pedal for my Line6 DL4 which I currently 
> in "loop sampler" mode only. The manual suggests that I can control 
> parameters with it such as loop mix, delay length, delay speed. Is your
> experience that one has to have the Line6 EX-1 pedal for this? I was only
> successful with a Roland EV-5 (which should work according to the LD 
> but it only changes delay speed. All my other expression pedals have no
> effect at all.
> The last time I saw Eiving Aarset, he controlled the mix with an 
> pedal, but sometimes seemed to also control delay gain and delay speed - 
> there some trick how to control several parameters, or can one only do 
> at a time, having to unplug and recalibrate the pedal every timeone 
>wants to
> control another parameter? or can it be changed on the fly somehow?
> -Michael