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Re: DL4 expression pedal

As i remember you twist the nob then this is controllable from the pedal. I think.
Matt Stevens

On 10 Mar 2011, at 13:04, Michael Peters wrote:

I'd like to try an expression pedal for my Line6 DL4 which I currently run
in "loop sampler" mode only. The manual suggests that I can control several
parameters with it such as loop mix, delay length, delay speed. Is your
experience that one has to have the Line6 EX-1 pedal for this? I was only
successful with a Roland EV-5 (which should work according to the LD page)
but it only changes delay speed. All my other expression pedals have no
effect at all.

The last time I saw Eiving Aarset, he controlled the mix with an expression
pedal, but sometimes seemed to also control delay gain and delay speed - is
there some trick how to control several parameters, or can one only do one
at a time, having to unplug and recalibrate the pedal every timeone wants to
control another parameter? or can it be changed on the fly somehow?