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New podcast

Hi all,

I've finished a new podcast, which is on http://ribosomematt.podomatic.com/

I probably won't post these here for ever, since they are largely
off-topic for this list. However, there is a way to subscribe on the
website, which I think automatically connects it to itunes. Anyway,
here it is:

Episode 4

0) Opening Chimes
1) Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Everything In Its Right Place" (from "On
The Rocks", 2008)
2) The Quiet American "Seven Minutes in Tibet" (from CT-Collective
"Locations, Vol. 2", 2004)
Note - it's a palindrome!
3) The Tear Garden "Turn Me On Dead Man" (from "The Last Man to Fly", 1993)
4) F.M. Einheit "Auftritt Geist/Wald" (from "Prometheus/Lear", 1993)
5) Kammerflimmer Kollectief "Implodiert" (From "Mäander", 1999)
6) Shadowbug 4 "No, I Swear...Look At My Tongue" (from "Tiny Voices of
Love and Fear", 1999)
7) Scientist "Your Teeth in My Neck" (from "Scientist Rids The World
of The Evil Curse of The Vampires", 1981)
8) Victoria Jordanova "Secret Life of Bees - Swarm" (from "In a
Landscape", 2007)
9) Information "Every Possible Artificial Condition" (from "Biomekano", 
10) Mercury Rev "Faraway from Cars" (from "Snowflake Midnight", 2008)
11) Ernesto Diaz-Infante "Durability of the Throwaway Art Gesture"
(from "Ernesto Diaz-Infante", 2003)
12) Midisport (aka Atom TM) "Midi A-Gogo (V.2001)" (from "14
Footballers in Milk Chocolate", 2001)
13) Lumper/Splitter "Sputnik" (from "Lumper/Splitter", 2005)

Matt Davignon
Rigs! www.youtube.com/user/ribosomematt