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Innovative Gear That Got Discontinued was Electro Harmonix Freeze- Vortex Patch

> Andy's Vortex site:
> >>  "The Vortex was the first of those four units to be discontinued ,
> >>  essentially because no-one understood what it did."  What a shame!

This comment got me to thinking about all the innovative musical gear 
that got discontinued much to the detriment of future creativity and 

I think, also, of the amazing  voice to synth software called Kantos by 

Faced with the inability of Midi to incorporate sophisticated voice to 
Midi VST plugins
the engineers at Anatares designed a synthesizer that was able to be played
by audio in (no Midi whatsoever).

This innovative software was just on the verge of being able to use custom
samples to 'morph' with the use of voice when the plugged was pulled by the
head of Antares................I was incredibly bummed when this happened.

Additionally,  the amazing Echoplex EDP was effectively killed by Gibson 
at a time
when a significant hardware upgrade and accompanying Loop V software 
(yet to be
developed) could have made amazing progress in live looping technology.

What other instruments besides the Vortex, Kantos and the EDP got squashed
in an untimely fashion much to our chagrin?

Rick Walker