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Here's what the manual says about Undo:

10.9 Undo (Redo) - Assignable to either Bonus button & controlled by a tap
or hold

Mute the last part stacked on a loop (Undo) - After stacking, press Undo 
the last sounds stacked will be removed from the loop, and Undo will blink
slow. The "last sounds stacked" is defined as all recorded sounds between
two presses of Stack.

Restore a muted part (Redo) - Press Undo while it is blinking and the part
is restored so it is heard again. Undo stops blinking.

When Undo/Redo won't work.

1) If the stack function is used again, the previously stacked part can no
longer be disabled or enabled.
A) If Undo is NOT blinking when stack is used again, the previously stacked
part becomes a permanent part of its loop.
B) If Undo is blinking when stack is used again, the previously stacked 
is lost and cannot be recovered. Undo stops blinking.
2) If stacking is active and you move from one loop to another, the 
stacked on the first loop becomes permanent and cannot be "undone." The 
function now applies to what you are stacking on the second loop.
3) If a part is stacked while Undo is not assigned to a Bonus button, the
part will not respond to Undo if it is assigned later.

NOTE - The last stacked part can still be turned on or off after playing or
recording other loops.

One of the Rang's "optional behaviors" is to change the way it handles loop
boundaries in order to enable seamless drones.

You can see the whole Rang' manual here:

The "sidecar" which will allow direct access of all features is looking 
a reality. Mike Nelson talks about it here:

and there's what looks like an artist's rendering as well.

Hope this helps.


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I don't have a Rang, but I've looked at it in my potential drive away from
rack effects. Two interesting points that those with Rangs should confirm.
One good. One not so good.

Good: Per loop undo. Which means that in some sense you have up to 8 loops
available (and in the normal configuration) 6 loops. It's just that only 4
or 3 of them can be playing at a time.

Not so good: The Rang has a sound dip at the recording point to make some
loops more seamless but I would imagine that this would interfere with 
tails and ambient drones. There are work arounds but these can involve
things like recording a blank loop first.

There's also the frustration that it offers lots of options but the control
surface doesn't have enough buttons to handle them all. There is supposedly
an expander box coming.