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Re: Electro Harmonix Freeze - Vortex Patch

mark francombe wrote:

> do I need to switch patches to a no delay patch to do this? 

any switching of patches cleans out what's in the delays
(shame really)

It depends on the preset you use whether turning down
the Echo LVL or the FX level stops the audio getting into the delays.
I'm not sure about details, if ever I run a patch that can
do 100% feedback I always have pedal control.

...and yes, I get that burst of noise sometimes too

> Or are there only certain patches that are actually still listening to 
> input, while the output is muted?

haven't checked, but I assume they all do it

> Mark
> PS: Doesnt it seem quaint to be talking about Vortex again?

yup, but then there's never been a replacement for it
either in hardware or software.

>Ive missed 
> it actually! >Are your super hippy cool pages still up anywhere? I 
> printed out that whole site at one time, maybe 13 years ago!!


In the mid nineties, that "pink fluffy clouds" seamless tile background 
was state 
of the art...........I thought at the time.