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Todd Mathews asked me to send him the little melodica improv I made
with a terrible mic and he sent me back this short beautiful piece of 
music and
video that he made.

On 2/27/11 3:52 PM, Todd Matthews wrote:
I took my bass and a zoom recorder to a long cement tunnel today and 
here's a lil' 30 sec snippet:

I just thought it was a very hip audio/visual haiku and I asked him if 
it would
be okay to share it with the list along with a request to see if other 
on the list would be into making some very, very short form audio/visual
pieces in the spirit of a Sonic Haiku................let's say 30 
seconds, max

He wrote this back:

"Sounds great!! I'm in. You can post the link to it to kick off the 
Sonic Haiku thread. This could end up being a really cool thread. Like 
the Twitter of LD :)"

I like it...............the Twitter of LD!!!!

rick walker