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RE: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators

Ok, I'll come off the bench on this one.

I own and use the Ko Pro heavily in my practice.

I run it synced to my EDP setup.

here are my responses to what i percieve to be your questions ( i havent had time to read the full thread)

in my opinion you CAN play a melody. the nuance is not "too" dissimilate to a fretless guitar or violin in that while there are no markers (annoyingly the lights are currantly just for show the grid means nothing(ish) *)
I mainly use the pentatonic major and minor scales and I tend to limit my octave range to 2 max as this leaves me with a useable amount of notes to play with  and enough room between note transitions to make my gestures meaningful.
also it is worth mentioning a trick I sure which I call "finger anchoring"   if you  touch and hold one point on the pad, the halve between that and any other point ... its hard to explain but for instance if  hold your finger down  at the halfway point  you would have double the room to put your next finger down  and releasing the first finger would send the note back to its original resolution there for twice as high again  so lets say if the scale fit you could hold your finger down on  "root" you would then have twice as much wiggle room to anticipate where a "3rd" would be , then by  leagin that 2nd finger where it is but lifting 1st finger you would hear the sound jump to "5th" (if the scale fit).

another more visual example of what I mean...most mouse touchpads work the same way...try it.

re midi clock / sync

it seems pretty capable of following reasonable clock speeds...it bpm drops too low the amount of available bars halfs so watch out for that. 

its also important to note, it syncs to clock but has no concept of alignment or start points. if your timing is good and you bet the beat excact it will run and run in good alignment...if you get it an 8th off or whatever it will be an 8th off forever (or until realigned.

i find i have no worries creating melodys  in time to my echoplex  and if the beat i use is from the KoPro ONLY, no worries... but i was to try to layer a KoPro drum routine to ...for instance my  Alignment aware Electribe... my own personal results are a bit messy. same goes for if I stop ALL loops.  if i stop any of the other three loops while one is left running it basically acts like mute/unmute... however if you turn alll four off, then turning them back on is like a non aligned start song message , if that makes sense. ...ie it relys on your own personal timeing.

Ext control is JUST that... no looping onboard while doing this. and by default no horazontal axis just notes along the vertical... but there is a tool to mess with this on the pc i think.

 to answer caps
it is just an audio looper , complete with phasing etc... no midi is stored... no meaningful midinotes are transmissed in loop mode.. the two are separate.

hope that helps


* you can realign your KoPro to match the qrid better... there is a guide for this on the korg user forum

From: mark@markfrancombe.com
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 21:23:43 +0100
Subject: Re: midi looping, synths, and kaossilators
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

OK I wasnt letting on that I HAD infact checked the manual.. my questions were quite specific actually, cos they related to things I didnt quite GET in the manual...

I will expand, But Im feeling like we have no Kaocilator PRO (the pro is important) users here.

 Fabio_ wrote:
Can I play it, and get what I imagine.. or is it basicaly random (within a key and scale)???

Here I KNOW that it does "quantise" to a scale and key.... so the question was rather... is it just a theremin, or can you play a melody

Fab said..
 but the fact is that IT is like playing a theremin. And it is good in that department, if you are looking to that kind of sounds, but have to say that it's not allow you to really play melodies...
So it's not a "proper instrument", IMO, neither really "random".

But thats the KP, not the Kaoscillator... so stilll need an answer here...

How is it at following midi clock?
Better checking the manual here and see what it really allow to do.

It SAYS it does... but.. how well? was the question...
When used as a controller for another synth, is all information sent on 2 axis?
Can I map X to pitch on an external synth (Im thinking my Korg) and the Y to filter cutoff on the external synth? (If my external synth allows this.. which I dont know.. have to find the manual.)
Again: better checking the manual(s) !

It seems to send CCs or whatever you want from the X and Y and Any of the knobs can also be mapped...

But what I cant find out, is...(Warning caps alert) IS THE LOOPER JUST AUDIO GRABBING THE SYNTH OUTPUT.. or is it some kind of midi looper,  and if so  DOES THAT MIDI INFO.. (the sequence you generate) GO OUT THE MIDI OUT SOCKET, so you can control another synth... not a deal-breaker for me, but... as the internal sounds dont seem that tweakable (maybe not at all) it might be a bonus to drive another synth from the sequencer...
KP sends information on Y and X axis, but do you need to address those info trough different midi channels or the same  ?
Do you want to get control over different machines ?

Yes.. oh yes...

Just a question: why the Kaossilator and not the last Kaoss Pad version (4, maybe) which seems to me a more "complete" tool ? I think it can work like a synth too.

Nope I dont think so... I thing the KP4 is another synchable effect... I have enough of them already, in fact my Red Sound Federation is on EBay RIGHT NOW

Heres the listing 260744777822


Mark Francombe
twitter @markfrancombe