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Re: Looper developer looking for opinions on some interface questions

Hahah awesome!   That way lies voided warranties and cracked iPhone 
screens, I suspect ;-)

One thing I've been thinking of doing is not so much *shaking*, but 
definitely using the accelerometer to trigger actions: So, you pop the 
iPhone down beside your foot (presumably with an external mic/headset 
plugged in), or as you say, tape it to something, and then tap your foot 
beside it (or give the mic stand a nudge!) to punch in and out =)

On 27 Feb 2011, at 21:15, Per Boysen wrote:

> Doesn't the iphone give developers the option of using a
> shake-the-phone gesture to implement commands? How about a preferences
> setting where the user could decide which command to have executed by
> shaking the phone?
> How cool to gaffer tape an iphone on the neck piece of a gibson flying
> v and go crazy shaking it all over!!!!  Will totally end the shoe
> gazing phase of the live looping culture ;-)