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Re: Recording an Album

Coles is great for sure, Todd... I should have mentioned that I use the Gefell-Coles combo in mid-side configuration which really gives me a nice stereo spread, with the Gefell providing my highs and the Coles providing warmth.  The Mid-side might be a nice thing to try for you as well with two mics, though it wouldn't work so well with the DPA as both mics have to be locationally aligned to prevent phase problems.  in any case,  wanted to throw that in the mix.  

Totally impressed with your diligent research here, and of course with the reliably great feedback of the list proper.  Look forward to hearing it! 


"Todd, I did some research before I hit the sack last night on the coles4040 and gefell listening to audio clip and mic shootouts. I would throw the wav in itunes, hit shuffle a bunch of times, then hit play with headphones to make the test blind. They weren't all identical performances so it wasn't perfect test but still I picked the coles4040 each time over Royer, AEA, and other ribbons. That sounds like one wicked mic."