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Re: Looper developer looking for opinions on some interface questions

Got it!

So, there's a panel at the bottom of Loopy's interface which currently 
displays a visualisation of the audio going through the system.

I'll add a 'ruler' along the bottom that corresponds to the master loop, 
with ticks for each loop endpoint.  If you set the BPM first, the default 
is 1 bar, at however many beats per bar you specify. If you record a loop 
first, it's the length of the first loop.

Then, you can pinch with two fingers to change the length, to multiples or 
fractions of that initial length - pinch inwards to make the master loop 
shorter, outwards to make it longer (I'm thinking of having an option 
that's on by default, to limit to powers of two for beginner users).

Or, drag a track onto the panel, and it will take its length from that 

Then, event quantisation takes place with respect to that master length.

So, if you start with an initial loop of 1 beat, you can then quickly 
pinch out the master loop to be 4 times that.

What d'you think?

>> In the meanwhile, have you explored the EDP multiply function? 
> I have indeed!  I'm still thinking of a way to provide something that 
>allows a similar kind of loop building.