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Re: ADK Pro Audio PC VS MacBook Pro

Hi Rafa,

Get both! The trick is to buy a Mac and run Windows as well on it. I
did that for a long time on my Macbook. To do this, avoid all Windows
emulators that "run Windows inside OS X", as they suck for audio music
application. You should use Apple's utility called Bootcamp to format
a bootable system partition in which you may install Windows. I mean,
"Mac" is just a an operating system but the PC's from Apple tend to be
well built and thus turn out cheaper in the long run, since you will
suffer less work downtime and repair costs.

I still gig around on my old Macbook from 2007... but I guess it can't
compete with the Sandybridge boxes. It would be great to have the CPU
powers to run synths as Alchemy in parallel with good old audio live
looping. Maybe we'll get there on these new machines.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com internet music hub

On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 11:02 PM, Rafael Nunes <supersimples@gmail.com> 
> I'm in the market for a new laptop, and have a fairly generous budget 
> 3k). I've always been a windows guy, so my inclination is to stay there.
> That said, I've been wanting to try out a Mac for performance/live 
> work since their 8 hr battery popped up, and now that they're supposedly
> getting cooler(temperature wise) cases, and the new sandy bridge from 
> and possibly 11 hours of battery life, it seems like it might be the 
> My largest concern is the fact that I have a working setup in Windows 7 
> Bits with my current ADK laptop setup, outside of occasional pops and
> hiccups(mostly due to RAM I believe):
> Intel Pennryn T8300 2.4g
> 4 Gig RAM
> 160 gig Hard drive
> As much as I want to want the Mac, I feel like the wise thing is to get a
> PC. Am I crazy? I guess I'm looking for opinions revolving around using
> Ableton Live and Reaper within a Mac environment. Anyone use both Mac 
>and Pc
> regularly, and notice a big difference? The videos below should give you 
> idea of what I'm using the computer for. Thanks everyone!
> Rafa