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Re: How to test midi

Thanks per and rain-man , saw that two, gotta dig up a midi to usb cabl

Ya'll are the coolest, come see me!!

On Feb 20, 2011, at 11:30sb  AM, Rainer Straschill 
<moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:

> Am 20.02.2011 12:30, schrieb Andy Owens:
>> Hey any of ya'll got a suggestion of how to check to see what commands 
>are coming out a midi pipe?  Cant seem to get my LP1 to send midi 
>stop/start anymore and wondering what I could plug into to see what or 
>what aint coming out the pipe. Ideas?
> MIDI-OX does that, among other things:
> http://www.midiox.com/
> Haven't tested it on Windows 7 (and can't say anything about Vista), 
>everything up to XP (including 64bit) works fine. Ah, and it's 
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