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Re: OT: Midi linking inside Bidule: help needed

Il giorno 20/feb/2011, alle ore 14:21, Per Boysen <perboysen@gmail.com> ha 

> On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 1:52 PM, Fabio_A <eterogenus@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Those are my connections:
>> Kaoss Pad midi output > RME 400 audio interface, Input 1
>> Inside Bidule: RME400 midi input 1 > PC filter.
>> Now If I press one of the eight buttons on my KP, I can see each is 
>sending a PC midi message inside bidule.
>> Here, in bidule, I also have 4 audio players playing loops of different 
>lenght in loop mode. Each of that player is connected to a stereo mixer.
>> NOW, I want to mute a specific mixer track by pressing dedicated 
>buttons of my KP, but I haven't found a way....
>> I have tried using midi learn and "parameters linking"..., but it 
>definitively doesn't work.
>> I've also tried remapping PC in Note message and in CC....nothing !
>> It looks like bidule internal linking doesn't listen to that midi 
> Hi Fabio,
> I use to handle similar control routings by using the "CC To Params"
> module. But since your Kaoss Pad sends MIDI Program Change you need to
> first convert them into CC#s. Here are the steps in Bidule:
> 1. Cable from your MIDI Device Input to a (MIDI) Message Remapper.
> 2. ...OUCH!!!! When doing this hands-on, while typing, I'm discovering
> the Message Remapper can't convert PC into CC#. But you can use two
> daisy-chained Messe Remappers: first convert PC to NOte and then
> converte Note to CC#.

This is where I am now. 
> 3. Cable the last Message Remapper into a "CC To Params" module.

CC to params seems to be what I was looking for.
Thanks ! I'll try it in a few hours.

> 4. Open the global Parameters window and select the corresponding "CC
> To Params" as the source and the corresponding "Mute Channel" number
> as the target inside the Mixer.
> Good luck! I too am working in Bidule right now. Setting up a minimal
> and rock solid gig environment. I have finally acquired the needed
> plugins to match the fidelity of Mainstage and as I do a lot of CC#
> sweeping Bidule seems a more stable host.

Back to Bidule ? Does it have better rountings options than Mainstage ?

Thanks, Per. You saved my day !!!


> Per