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Re: Re: LP 2 Mini Looper Feature Set

For three hundred dollars, to have something with this many features and 
hand made, is amazing. The fact that you can speak directly to the 
creator-second to none. If it did half of the the functions indicated, it 
would still be a bargain. 

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>To: Butch Band <butchband@gmail.com>
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>On 7/22/64 11:59 AM, Butch Band wrote:
>> Thank you for your sarcastic response but if I purchase an automobile, 
>> I normally don't need to check for basic features like an accelerator 
>> pedal or windows.
>Gosh, Butch,
>I didn't read Andy's response as sarcastic at all.
>This pedal has an awesome set of features for the price.  Just compare 
>it to ANYTHING in it's price range,
>but at $300,  it doesn't do everything for everybody.  It couldn't 
>I think what Andy was getting at, is that it has the features it has and 
>if it doesn't have the features you want,
>then you may need to go looking for a different product.
>It Is what it Is and , if I'm not mistaken,  that's all Andy was saying.
>yours,  respectfully,