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Re: rhythm sequencers software

Louie Angulo schrieb:
> what im very interested in also is how reliable is Mobius slaving
> Ableton synced with something like LoopBE as Rainer mentioned.
Different to Per's experiences here (could you describe them a little, 
Per? Your description was very root-cause-based, but didn't actually 
describe in which situations a problem arises), I cannot remember any 
problems syncing Live to something or having something synced to Live.

That being said, I didn't do the specific setup of Live synced to Möbius 
very often - An Ambient Manifold, however, did use that most of the 
time, and for one week of daily performances without any problems.
Also contrary to Per's experience, I did quite often sync Live to a 
MC505 in the past, and didn't encounter problems, either - this included 
generous amounts of the IR-sensor-controlled slowdown effect.


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