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RE: rhythm sequencers software

> i remeber a topic about drum machines sequencers and rhythm software
> to syncronize to looping software like mobius.
> I guess what im looking for is something you can load your own drum
> samples or loops,or that has great drum sounds or grooves with random
> variations so the grooves that arent static and that could work stable
> when slaved syncronized to mobius.

I've spent some hours searching for such products today again. The one I
like best so far is Steinberg's Grooveagent - it sounds nice and has some
amount of random licks, and has lots of different styles. But you have to
have a Steinberg USB key and I keep having problems with the software
suddenly not recognizing the key, for some reason. Also, Grooveagent is
large and fat and takes up resources, and more often than not, Bidule
crashes. So far it doesn't feel like I can use it live although I'd love to
- it syncs easily with Bidule's sync transport.

There are other similarly sized products, such as Meldaproductions 
or Rayzoon's Jamstix. Stylus RMX looks good, I haven't tried it yet. They
all probably can do lots of things but for my needs, they are all oversized
and overcomplicated. I was looking for something small and easy to handle.

There is some electro thing called Cerebrum that is small and nice and easy
to handle but it has a certain artificial electro sound to it - I'd prefer
acoustic instruments but of course this requires samples and blows the 
up big time again.